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Gemini Android 8 Upgrade

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Android 8.1 manual upgrade for Gemini 4G (x25 and x27)
'''Please note this guide is for Gemini 4G devices only (both x25 and x27 models), not for Gemini WIFI devices.'''
The following guide will help you to install the Android 8.1 upgrade on your Gemini 4G, both x25 and x27 model. This guide is for an Android-only Gemini firmware, a . For multi-boot Gemini guide will be available soonfirmware, please see the [[Linux Flashing Guide]] together with the updated [ partition tool].
If you have trouble updating your Gemini using the over-the-air udpate mechanism you can follow the guide below to perform a manual upgrade.
Please note that the Android 8.1 update might trigger a number of upgrade scripts and application updates. As a result your device might appear slower and feel hotter than usual for some time.
==Notes on using your Gemini with Android 8.1 ==