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The latest Linux Debian firmware is now available!
The latest Linux firmware supports has numerous bug fixes and supports the following new feturesfeatures:
* Phone Calls/* SMS support* 4G Mobile data support. Mobile data does not work out of the box, it can be activated by following [[Mobile Data In Linux Cosmo|this guide]].using connman
* Open/Close power save support
==Linux installation==
The first step to install Linux on your Cosmo is to make sure that you are running the latest Android firmware, currently '''V23'''. You can check the Android version by tapping Settings -> System -> Advanced -> About Phone and scrolling to the end of the page (see Build number detail, V19 in the screenshot below).
Next you will have to download the Linux firmware, which will need to be installed into the microSD card on your Cosmo. Insert a microSD card on your Cosmo and make sure it is formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32).
<span style="color: #ff0000;">The main requirement when installing Linux is to reserve space for it. In order to do this you will have to re-partition your device, which will lead to the loss of all your data. </span> Once you reserve some space for Linux you can update Android or Linux independently, without loosing your data again. To change the partition table of your Cosmo use the option "Change the partition table of your COSMO", as in the picture below.
Next, go to the Layouts tab where you can select your own Cosmo keyboard layout. For examoleexample, to select the British UK keyboard layout, tap on "Configure layouts" and specify the English (GB) keyboard layout, as in the following screenshot.
You can also use command line to set the keyboard hardware model and layout. The following command can be used to set the kebyoard keyboard layout to English (GB):
<code>setxkbmap -model planetgemini -layout gb</code>
NetworkManager also supports mobile data, but it does not work well with Cosmo. If you want to enable mobile data [[Mobile Data In Linux Cosmo|please follow this guide]].
===Phone and Message apps===
The latest Linux update comes with a phone dialer dialler and an SMS message app. They are available under the Phone application category
Both applications are quite simple and work as expected. Both apps have a special button at the botton that can be swiped up to reveal more information. For example the Phone Dialer Dialler app will show recent and missed calls as in the picture below.
===Enbling Mobile Data===
Please note that WIFI, Phone calls and SMS work straight away.
The default NetworkManager application also supports mobile data, but it does not work well with Cosmo.
To activate mobile data [[Mobile Data In Linux Cosmo|please follow this link]].