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Available Official Firmware

Here is the list of the latest available firmwares for your Gemini.

We have 3 firmware versions, please be sure you download the right firmware for your device. WiFi-Only Gemini users should download the WiFi-Only firmware. 4G Gemini users using x25 chip (early release Geminis) should download the 4G Gemini x25 firmware. Finally, the Gemini 4G x27 users should download the 4G Gemini x27 firmware. If you are not sure about your Gemini version, just check under Settings -> Wireless & networks. If you see a menu called SIM cards, then you have an x27 Gemini, otherwise you have an x25 Gemini.

WiFi-Only Gemini

Coming soon.

4G Gemini x25 (early release)

4G Gemini x27

  • Gemini 4G x27 firmware (Android + Rooted Andriod + Debian) - 10/05/2018

Once you download the right firmware for you, please extract the zip file. You will find a folder containing the firmware and a few ".txt" files.

Once you downloaded your firmware, you can follow our Flashing Guide to install it.

Rooted Android

With Gemini you have the option to easily root your device. Please bear in mind that rooting an Android device comes with associated risks, and some application might not work correctly. You can search the Internet for more information, we suggest that you proceed only if you know what you are doing.

If you know what you are  doing and you want to continue, then follow these steps:
  1. Download the rooted image for your Gemini version (see above)
  2. Follow the Android installation notes above but before flashing the unit, overwrite the original boot-verified.img file in the Gemini_Android_1_1_0 folder with the rooted boot image that you just downloaded
  3. Complete the flashing and your device will now be rooted. Install Magisk Manager to complete the process.

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP alternative recovery image)

An unofficial build of TWRP has been ported to Gemini by deadman96385.

You can find more information about it here: TWRP for Gemini

TWRP is an alternative recovery image that can be used to install Lineage OS. Please note that you should immediately boot into recovery partition after installing TWRP. If you boot the stock Android firmware, it will reinstall the original reovery partition, overwriting TWRP.

Lineage OS preview

An unofficial builld of Lineage OS for the Gemini has been developed by deadman96385.

You can find more information about it here: Initial release of Lineage OS for Gemini PDA

Source Code

Source code for the Linux kernel, the bootloader and the flash tool has been published on GitHub: