Restoring Gemini 4G x27 firmware

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Repairing instruction

A number of Gemini x27 unit have received a wrong update which affected the device functionality.

In order to fix the affected Gemini you will need to flash the corrupted Android software in your device with a fixed version. You will need a PC with either Windows or Linux to do this, we suggest to use Windows as it has the best compatibility with the flash tool. Please follow the steps below to fix your Gemini.

1 - Download and Install FlashTool

 The first step is to install the flash tool drivers. These drivers are needed for your Windows or Linux PC to communicate with your Gemini. You can find the drivers here: Windows Flash Tool Drivers

Once downloaded, unzip the archive. You will find a folder called FlashToolDrivers, open the folder and double click on the Install file. Allow the installation to complete by clicking Yes when asked to make changes.

Now that the drivers have been installed, we can download the Windows flash tool:  Windows Flash Tool

If you use Linux you don't need any drivers and you can proceed directly to download the Linux flash tool. You will need a 64 bit Linux machine and you might need root access to run it.

2 – Download Firmware

 Download the 4G Gemini x27 software
Once you have downloaded the firmware for you, please extract the zip file.

3 – Flashing the Android Firmware

Once downloaded please unzip both the flash tool and the firmware. Next, on Windows just run the flash tool by double clicking on flash_tool in the FlashToolWindows folder .On Linux, the executable file is If you get a BROM error when connecting the Gemini (see flash_tool console log) then you should follow this guide - specifically the 2 points regarding udev rules.
On both Windows and Linux, use the choose button as in the following screenshot to load the scatter file that you will find inside the downloaded firmware. In particular:
  • Downlad-Agent should be set to the file MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin, which is located in the FlashToolWindows folder.
  • Scatter-loading file should be set to the specific scatter file (Gemini_Android.txt) of the firmware that you want to flash, which is located in the firmware folder.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 23.17.38.png