Gemini Android 8 Upgrade

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If you have trouble updting your Gemini using the over-the-air udpate mechanism you can follow the guide below to perform a manual update.
To proceed, start by downloading the update archive from []. It's easier to download this archive directly from your Gemini, just open a browser and point it to the URL above. The file will be downloaded in your Download folder.
You can also download the file on a computer and copy it to your Gemini Download folder in a second stage.
Once the download is completed
==Known Bugs==
* LEDison has been reported to crash under some circumstancies - we will update the application in the Play Store soon
* It has been reported that sometimes the Micro SD may 'disappear' - we are investigating, but if this happens to you, just reboot your Gemini
* The Factory Reset does not work on Android 8 - we are investigating this