Latest Cosmo Firmware

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You can manually update the Codi firmware in case the automatic download fails. The Codi firmware consists of 2 files and the latest version is available here:
* [ Cosmo_firmware-stem_ospi2_1_1_1_13stem_ospi2_1_1_1_14.bin]* [ Cosmo_resource-stem_resource_1_1_1_13stem_resource_1_1_1_14.bin]
To manually update the Codi firmware, plesae download and copy these two files on your Cosmo Communicator. After that, run the Codi Display Assistant application, tap on the ADVANCED button and select "Flash Image Manually". On the file selector view, you might have to tap on the "Show Internal storage" option under the more option icon on the top right of the screen (the icon with the 3 round dots).
Bear in mind that the file names are important - please don't rename the files.