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Latest Cosmo Firmware

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'''Android Firmware update v22 -  22/07/2020<br />'''
The latest Android firmware update includes:
* Modified bootloader to enable mobile radio modem and SIM cards to be recognised when booting into Linux, rooted Android and other non-Android operating systems
* Much improved battery consumption for Cosmo in idle (sleep) mode
* Improved screen rotation function plus soft keyboard availability when Cosmo screen is used in portrait mode
* Recent Android Security and other OS Updates
* Notes app: dictation feature can now be controlled via Cover Display
* Data app: databasefile export and import functions
* Improved eSIM compatibility
* Updated Google certificate
* Bugfixes
Please note that you will have to update your CoDi firmware as well to take advantage of the new features. You can update the CoDi firmware by using the Cover Display Assistant application or alternatively you can update the firmware manually.
'''Android Firmware update 11/12/2019'''