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USB-related issues

  • Gemini supports a Mediatek fast-charge technology called Pump Express. The original Gemini box contains a special  mains charger that allows recharging your Gemini in a very short time. You might be able to charge your Gemini using other chargers, but please bear in mind that only a Pump Express compatible charger will allow fast charghing a Gemini.
  • About USB interfaces:
    • The left hand side USB supports Gemini USB-C hub, power, PC connectivity and OTG connectivity.
    • The right hand side USB supports 1 slave (OTG) device (for example 1 memory card or 1 mouse) or the Gemini HDMI cable adapter.

Compass functionality

Despite the compass sensor being present on the unit, the compass functionality has been removed from the firmware because of interference with the magnets used to keep the unit closed and make the device altogether thinner by pressing the keys down.

How to reinstall accidentally deleted applications

If you deleted by mistake an application you can use the following links to download and install again:

Gemini Voice Assistant

Due to Google updating their voice assistant and Google search, the voice assistant (right-end side) button now only works if there is no screen saver or screen lock option set on your Gemini. Also, please make sure that your Gemini Voice Assistant app and your Google search and voice assistant app are up-to-date from the Android Play store.