Cosmo Firmware upgrade

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Cosmo Communicator has 2 processors, one running Android and the other supporting the cover display. There are 2 firmware upgrade processes required to update your Cosmo.

Upgrading Android firmware

The latest Android firmware should be detected automatically by your Cosmo if connected to a network. To proceed with the installation, run the Settings application and select System.

Screenshot 20191211-105808.png

Inside System, navigate to Wireless update.

Screenshot 20191211-105759.png

The Wireless Update app will allow you to check for an update and to proceed with the download and installation in case an update is found.

Screenshot 20191211-105749.png

Updating the Cover Display firmware

Once the Android firmware is updated, it is recommended to update the companion Cover Display firmware. To do this, navigate and run the Cover Display Assistant app.

Screenshot 20191129-095021.png

Inside Cover Display Assistant, tap on the 'Check for updates' button to detect a firmware update and follow the on-screen instructions.

Screenshot 20191129-095002.png

In case you experience failures flashing using the Cover Display Assistant, please try restarting the unit and flashing with 'Aeroplane mode' ON and 'Do not disturb' ON.

Screenshot 20191211-112152.png

Please make sure you restart your Cosmo after the 2 files have been flashed.