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This section will explain how to install Sailfish OS community edition on your Gemini.

Sailfish OS download

The first step is to download the Sailfish OS dual boot firmware. You can find a copy here:

Once you downloaded your firmware,  please extract it, you will end up with a folder named x600_sailfish2.

Partitioning your Gemini

The next step is to partition your Gemini. You will have to choose how to split the internal flash memory of your Gemini to create two partitions for hosing Android and for Sailfish OS. You can also decide if you want to boot directly into Android and boot into Sailfish OS only if the side button is pressed or viceversa.

You can find the partition tool here:

Download the scatter file and place it in the x600_sailfish2 folder obtained in the previous step.

Using Flash Tool to install Sailfish OS on your Gemini

Now that your firmware is ready, you just need to install the Flash Tool and use it to flash your Gemini. Please be aware that all the information in your Gemini will be lost. You can find more information about the Flash Tool, how to install it and how to flash your Gemini in our Flashing Guide.


  • To change your keyboard layout, go to Settings -> Text input ->Active layout. At the moment only a subset of the Gemini keyboard layout are available. If a layout is not still available, then the US layout will be used.
  • By default, the camera application uses the optional forward facing camera. If your Gemini does not have an external camera, please tap the button to switch camera to the internal one, then close the camera application and start it again. The camera will then work as expected.