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** The left hand side USB supports Gemini USB-C hub, power, PC connectivity and OTG connectivity.
** The right hand side USB supports 1 slave (OTG) device (for example 1 memory card or 1 mouse) or the Gemini HDMI cable adapter.
==Connecting Gemini to a PC for file transfer==
To transfer files between a Gemini and a PC, just follow the following steps:
* Connect the PC to the left-hand side USB on the Gemini using the USB-C cable
* On the Gemini, scroll down from the top to reveal the notifications area. At the very bottom you will find the USB settings as in the following screenshot. Tap on the "USB charging this device" option<br />
* Now simply choose the "Transfer files" option from the menu
Your Gemini is now connected to your PC in file transfer mode. Please note that for Mac OS systems you will need to download and use the [ Android File Transfer application.]