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Selecting the right keyboard layout is sometimes complicated as you can have a number of active keyboard methods at the same time, and each keyboard method can be configured with a different layout.
To simplify this we updated our keyboard application adding a configuration process.<br />On  You should have automatically received an over the Geminiair update containing the latest keyboard version. If you are unsure, you can always check if an update is available: * Press Fn + Del to go to Settings* scroll down and tap on About Phone* tap on "WirelessUpdate"* tap on "Detection of update" (english translation will be improved in the next release)  Alternative you can also update the app byapplication manually:
# press the planet key to popup the application bar
# click tap on the planet icon# select "Planet Support " option
# A browser will bring you on the support webpage. Tap on the Keyboard application link to update the Gemini keyboard application.
# Once the Gemini keyboard application is updated, run the app, select the '''Configure''' option and simply follow the on screen instructions.
==<span id="Boot_mode_options" class="mw-headline">Boot mode options</span>==