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Android Flashing Guide

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You can find the drivers here: [ Windows Flash Tool Drivers]
Once downloaded, unzip the archive. You will find a folder called '''FlashToolDrivers''', open the folder and double click on the '''Install''' (install.bat) file. Allow the installation to complete by clicking '''Yes''' when asked to make changes.
Now that the drivers have been installed, you can download the Windows flash tool: [ Windows Flash Tool]
Once downloaded the Windows flash tool. , please unzip both it to reveal the '''FlashToolWindows''' folder. Next, run the flash tool by double clicking on '''flash_tool''' (flash_tool.exe) file in the '''FlashToolWindows''' folder.
You will also need a firmware to flash, either Linux or Android. You can find the available Gemini firmware here: [[Gemini Firmware]]
==Download and Install FlashTool on Linux==