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Linux Flashing Guide

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You can choose the partition size for Linux and Android by dragging the planet slider left or right. You can choose to have an Android-only Gemini, a multi boot Linux-Android or a Linux-only Gemini. Once you have selected the partition sizes you have to select your Gemini model using the appropriate drop down menu.
There are 3 Gemini versions, please make sure you select the right version for your device. : * WiFi-Only Gemini users should select "Gemini WIFI-Only". * 4G Gemini users using x25 chip (early release Geminis) should select "Gemini x25" and finally * Gemini 4G x27 users should select the "Gemini x27" option.  If you are not sure about your Gemini version, just check under Settings -> Wireless & networks. If you see a menu called SIM cards, then you have an x27 Gemini, otherwise you have an x25 Gemini.
After selecting the partition size, you can select the operating systems to use for each boot mode. Gemini supports 4 boot modes. When the Gemini is OFF, press Esc(On) key for around one second to initiate the booting process. Immeditately after that, the unit will vibrate, and after a few seconds the screen will turn ON. When the screen turns ON, the Gemini will check the status of the Esc (On) key and of the side silver button. Based on the status of those buttons there are 4 possible booting modes:
* Boot 1: Both Esc (On) key and side button are not pressed. This is the default booting option when no buttons are pressed.
* Recovery Mode: Esc (On) is pressed. This will always boot into overy mode.
* Boot 2: Side button is pressed.
After you made your selection, there are 3 modules to download using the buttons on the right:
* The ''' Base firmware ''' contains the basic Android firmware. This is the main component, it needs to be extracted to reveal the Gemini Base firmware folder. All the other component need to be copied/unzipped here.* The '''Scatter file ''' contains the definition of your Gemini partition, based on your selection. This needs to be copied into the firmware folder* The optional '''Linux module''' (Debian, Sailfish or Debian+Sailfish) contains the additional Linux modulefirmware. This needs to be unzipped into the firmware folder You should end up with the extracted Base firmware folder, containing also the scatter file and the unzipped optional Linux module.
Once you have extracted the base firmware, copied the scatter file and unzipped the optional Linux module, you will be ready to proceed to the next step.
==Configuring Flash Tool==
* Downlad-Agent should be set to the file MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin, which is located in the FlashToolWindows or FlashToolLinux folder.
* Scatter-loading file should be set to the specific scatter file of the firmware that you want to flashcustomised, which is located in the firmware folder
[[FileYour screen should look like the following screenshot:flash1.png]]