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Linux Flashing Guide

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Linux boot notes
==Linux boot notes==
The multi -boot mechanism works as followfollows.
Starting from a switched OFF Gemini, press the Esc (On) key to start the unit until the Gemini vibrates. Once you feel the vibration you can choose the boot mode by pressing the following key combination:
* Boot 1: This is the default booting option when no keys or buttons are pressed.* Recovery Mode: Esc (On) is pressed. This will always boot into overy recovery mode.* Boot 2: Side (silver) right-end side button is pressed.* Boot 3: Both Esc(On) key is pressed and Side silver right-end side button is also are pressedat the same time
After Kepp the keys/buttons pressed until the screen turns ON you can release the keys.  Make sure you also read the