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Sailfish OS Notes

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Setting up Sailfish OS
<span class="mw-headline">[[File:sail.jpg|center|800x506px|border]]<br />In case your system start directly with the PIN screen as in the picture above, please restart your machine as otherwise the setup configuration is known to not complete properly. If the problem persists, try re-flashing the linux and the sailfish_boot partition (either boot2 or boot3) only. It has been reported that reflashing the linux and sailfish_boot partition fixes the issue, we</span><span class="mw-headline"> are investigating this. Also you can read other user discussing this topic here: [].<br /><br /></span><span id="Linux_boot_notes" class="mw-headline"></span><span id="Linux_boot_notes" class="mw-headline"></span>
==<span class="mw-headline">Power key and Esc (On) key</span>==