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Linux Flashing Guide

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<div style="margin: 0.4em 0px 0.5em; color: #252525;" source="" sans="" pro="" sans-serif="" font-size:="" 15="" 008px="" font-style:="" normal="" font-variant-ligatures:="" font-variant-caps:="" font-weight:="" 400="" letter-spacing:="" orphans:="" 2="" text-align:="" start="" text-indent:="" 0px="" text-transform:="" none="" white-space:="" widows:="" word-spacing:="" -webkit-text-stroke-width:="" background-color:="" ffffff="" text-decoration-style:="" initial="" text-decoration-color:="">There are 3 steps needed to install Android/Linux your Gemini:</div>
# Install the FlashTool software on your Windows PC or Linux PC
# Customise your Gemini partition table. Using a simple tool, you will be able to specify the space you want to reserve for Linux and for Android. You will also be able to choose the firmware to download, at the moment we support Android, Rooted Android, Debian, Sailfish 3.0 Beta Community Edition and Kali Linux.
# Flash the firmware on your device