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Sailfish OS Notes

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This page provides information about running Sailfish 2 Community Edition on your Gemini. Note that the
To power off the unit, press and hold Fn + Esc (On) for a few seconds until the poweroff menu appear on screen.
==<span id="Known_Bugs" class="mw-headline">Known Bugs</span>==
* <span class="mw-headline">Sailfish OS is not yet available in the default Boot 1 position. This is due to a bug we found when the device is in charging mode. We are working on this!</span>
* <s><span class="mw-headline">The optional rear-facing camera currently displays the image rotated by 180 degrees in Sailfish OS, we are investigating the issue. <br /></span></s>The wrong orientation of the optional camera in Sailfish OS is now fixed. You can download the updated image using the [partitionTool.html partition tool], while  the updated files are available [ here]
==<span id="Linux_boot_notes" class="mw-headline">Linux boot notes</span>==