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Gemini Android 8 Upgrade

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Android 8.1 manual update for Gemini 4G (x25 and x27)
==Android 8.1 manual update for Gemini 4G (x25 and x27)==
If you have trouble updting updating your Gemini using the over-the-air udpate mechanism you can follow the guide below to perform a manual update.
To proceed, start by downloading the update archive from []. It's easier to download this archive directly from your Gemini, where you just need to open a browser and point it to the URL above. The file will be downloaded in your Download folder.
You can also download the file on a computer and copy it to your Gemini Download folder in at a second stage.
Once the file is downloaded, open the File Manager application
Once Inside File Manager, browse the download is completedDownload folder inside the Internal Storage to reveal the downloaded archive.
==Known Bugs==