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Gemini Firmware

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Gemini Android-only firmware
We have 3 firmware versions, please be sure you download the right firmware for your device. WiFi-Only Gemini users should download the WiFi-Only firmware. 4G Gemini users using x25 chip (early release Geminis) should download the 4G Gemini x25 firmware. Finally, the Gemini 4G x27 users should download the 4G Gemini x27 firmware. If you are not sure about your Gemini version, just check under Settings -> Wireless & networks. If you see a menu called SIM cards, then you have an x27 Gemini, otherwise you have an x25 Gemini.
The latest update (FOTA6) contains the upgrade to Android 8.1 and works for both x25 and x27 devices. You can flash the latest Android 8.1 using the usual flashing guide. Android 8.1 upgrade for WIFI-Only Gemini will be is now available soon(FOTA3).
====4G Gemini x27====