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Cosmo Linux Beta

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[[File:46.jpg|center|640x480px|border]]  Using this method you will be able to install a custom OS such as Linux on your device without the need for a laptop or a desktop computer. All you need to do is to download the installer in a micro SD card and use the recovery mode to start the installation.  ==How to install TWRP== Follow the installation steps above and just remember that TWRP can only installed in the EMPTY_RECOVERY_BOOT_2 partition.  ==How to install Debian/KDE== Simply follow the installation steps above. The Debian/KDE installer will automatically install the boot image into the selected partition and it will also install the rootfs image into the Linux partition.  ===Tips=== * The password for the 'gemini' user is 'gemini'* To configure the keyboard layout of your Cosmo, click on the menu icon and select System Settings. Inside System Settings select "Input Devices" and set the Keyboard Model under Hardware to "Planet | Planet Computers Gemini" as in the screenshot below. Tap the Apply button. [[File:28.jpg|640x480px|center|border]]