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Cosmo Linux Beta

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===Known bugs===
* Multiple keyboard layout don't apt-get does not work straight out of the boxyet. To activate multiple keyboard layout you can experiment with similar A quick hack needed to:run it is to edit the /etc/passwd file and remove the _apt user.
setxkbmap -* English keyboard layout planet_vndris supported out of the box. Additional keyboard layouts are also present, but some keys might not work. You can fix this by updating your system. To update your Linux:*# Remove _apt user from /gemini\(gb\),planet_vndretc/passwd as in the previous point*# become root by typing 'sudo bash' followed by the 'gemini\(ru\)' password*# type 'apt-get update'*# type 'apt-get upgrade'.
* Opening/Closing the unit does not suspend/resume the unit at this time. You will have to manually shutdown the unit via software when you want to terminate your Linux session.<br />Installing applications - In order to install application using the classic apt-get command, you will have to remove the "_apt" user from the /etc/passwd file.