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* Go to the Log and Debugging tab and tap on MTKLogger<br />[[File:Screenshot_20200626-200638.png|center|800x400px|border]]
* Inside MTKLogger, tap on the option button (top-right)<br />[[File:Screenshot_20200626-200645.png|center|800x400px|border]]
* And enable the Tag Log functionality<br />[[File:Screenshot_20200626-200707.png|center|800x400px|center|border]]
* Finally, press the start button to start saving logs.
==Sending the logs to Planet Computers==
The logs created by MTKLogger are in the /mtklog folder in the Internal Storage(Cosmo_Communicator).  One way to send the logs back to Planet Computers is to compress the /mtkfolder and send it to '''''' using a cloud service, such as [] # Open Files by Google# Tap on the additional option icon (the three vertical dots icon located top-right) and select 'Show internal storage'# Navigate to the Cosmo_Communicator and long-tap on the mtklog folder# Tap again on the additional option icon and select 'Compress'. This will create the file '' in the root of 'Cosmo_Communicator' You can now send the file using  a cloud service. Alternatively, you can connect your Gemini to a computer, copy the mtkfolder to the computer, compress it and then send the archive it to '''''' using a cloud service, such as []
[[File:Screenshot_2019-05-28_at_10.28.13.png|center|801x379px|border]]<br />[[File:Screenshot_2019-05-28_at_10.28.47.png|center|601x475px|border]]
* Tap on it to share it via email to ''''''