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*# type 'apt upgrade'.
* On Linux, the ESC key sends the Escape command on Linux. To send the power command, use Fn+ESC.
*  ====Keyboard Layout Configuration====The default keyboard layout is American English. To configure a different keyboard layout, click on the menu icon and select System Settings. Inside System Settings select "Input Devices" and set the Keyboard Model under Hardware to "Planet | Planet Computers Cosmo Communicator" as in the screenshot below. '''Tap the Apply button'''.
Next, go to the Layouts tabm where you can select your own Cosmo keyboard layout. For examole, to select the British UK keyboard layout, tap on "Configure layouts" and specify the English (GB) keyboard layout, as in the following screenshot.
* ====WIFI - Configuration====To setup the WIFI connection tap on the WIFI NetworkManager icon on the bottom right, select the WIFI network you want to connect to and tap Connect.
=== ===
=== ===
===Known bugs===
* Opening/Closing the unit does not suspend/resume the unit at this time. You will have to manually shutdown the unit via software when you want to terminate your Linux session.