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The latest Linux Debian firmware is now available!
The latest Linux firmware has numerous bug fixes and supports the following new feturesfeatures:
* Phone Calls
Next, go to the Layouts tab where you can select your own Cosmo keyboard layout. For examoleexample, to select the British UK keyboard layout, tap on "Configure layouts" and specify the English (GB) keyboard layout, as in the following screenshot.
You can also use command line to set the keyboard hardware model and layout. The following command can be used to set the kebyoard keyboard layout to English (GB):
<code>setxkbmap -model planetgemini -layout gb</code>
===Phone and Message apps===
The latest Linux update comes with a phone dialer dialler and an SMS message app. They are available under the Phone application category
Both applications are quite simple and work as expected. Both apps have a special button at the botton that can be swiped up to reveal more information. For example the Phone Dialer Dialler app will show recent and missed calls as in the picture below.