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Linux for Cosmo

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Download and Install Linux firmware v3
Select "Advanced" and then "Flash Image Manually" and then select the<span style="color: #000000;"> Cosmo_firmware-stem_ospi2_mouse15.bin. To update the CoDi firmware click on the "FLASH NOW" button. After flashing, please ignore any over-the-air Cover Display assistant notifications to update firmware as this is a custom build.</span>
====Download and Install Linux firmware v3(latest)====Next , you will have to download the Linux firmwarefile, which will need to be installed into onto the microSD card on your Cosmo. Insert a microSD card on your Cosmo and make sure it is formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32).
The Linux firmware is part of an archive that also contains TWRP and rooted Android.
You can download the latest archive file at this URL:
* [] (MD5: f6a765389913c790174d05dfdcb031d9)
* [] (MD5: 554e8ec1f1c57b0fc3a6140b1ecad3ea)
Alternatively, you can also purchase a Linux Media Installation Card with the firmware already preloaded onto the a micro SD card. This can be purchased from []
Once you downloaded the zip archive you will have to extract its content onto your microSD card:
# Open Using the Files by Google and app (do not use File Manager app) locate the ZIP archive# Tap the archive file to reveal the cosmo-customos-installer folder# Long tap on that folder, select Extract to... and finally select the root folder of the microSD card as destination. # Complete the ZIP extraction process.# Your microSD card should now contain a folder named cosmo-customos-installer with several files inside it.
Using this method you will be able to install a custom OS such as Linux on your device without the need for a laptop or a desktop computer. All you need to do is to download the installer in a micro SD card and use the recovery mode to start the installation.
You can watch a Cosmo Communicator How-To video detailing the Linux installation process from SD card at this address []
==TWRP installation==