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Rooted Android For Cosmo

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Download and Install Rooted Android for Firmware v25 (latest)
You can download the latest archive file at this URL:
* [] (MD5: f6a765389913c790174d05dfdcb031d9261bfe7633494174157716aa8c8b9578)
Once you downloaded the zip archive you will have to extract its content onto your microSD card:
Whenever new or updated custom operating systems will be available for the Cosmo, you will be able to download them into a micro SD card and install it in your device.
Once you select a custom OS you have to select where to install its boot firmware.
Once you select the boot partition, the custom OS will be installed on your Cosmo Communicator. A boot menu will then appear when you turn ON the device, allowing you to choose what to start as in the following picture.