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Rooted Android For Cosmo

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Completing Rooted Android Firmware setup
====Completing Rooted Android Firmware setup====
After booting into the rooted Android partition, complete the installation by downloading and running tapping on the Magisk Manager ([https://magiskmanagerapplication]). The Once started, Magist will ask to upgrade to full Magisk Manager interface should then be similar to finish the following screenshot (notice the green OK icon, device IS rooted)setup.
 If instead Tap OK to Download and Install. The phone will then reboot into Recovery mode, from which you run Magisk Manager from a normal Android boot (not rooted), it will look like in can exit by press and hold the following screenshotESC button. The red icon shows installation is now complete, you can now install a root checker application to verify that the device phone is NOT rooted.  [[File:50Please note that the firmware will be rooted only when selecting ROOTED_ANDROID boot when starting the phone. If you select NORMAL boot, then the standard Android will be started.jpg|center|640x320px|border]]