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Linux for Cosmo

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Cosmo Linux installation
==Cosmo Linux installation==
====Existing Linux installations====
Before installing Linux, make sure you have the latest Android Firmware installed, currently v25.
If you plan to update your current Linux installation to the latest version, please make sure that you manually install CoDi firmware v15 ('''Requirement 2''' - see below) and [[Manual Update Linux v3|follow this link.]]
The rest of this guide details how to perform a fresh Linux installation. ====New Linux Installations====Before starting the installation, please be sure that you are running the latest Android firmware, currently '''V25 (Requirement 1)'''. ====Requirement 1 - Latest Android firmware v25====You can check the Android version by tapping Settings -> System -> Advanced -> About Phone and scrolling to the end of the page (see Build number detail, in the screenshot below). [[File:24_43.jpg|center|800x400px|border]] ====Requirement 2 - Codi firmware v15====Using the latest Android firmware version v25 the Cover Display application will automatically install the latest Codi firmware v15. It is therefore recommended to update the Android firmware and use the Cover Display to install the latest Codi firmware. For reference, you can find how to manually install Codi v15 using Android v23 [[Manual Install Codi v15|here]]. ====Download and Install Linux firmware v3 v4 (latest)====Next, you You will have to download the Linux firmware file, which will need to be installed onto the microSD card on your Cosmo. Insert a microSD card on your Cosmo and make sure it is formatted as MS-DOS(FAT32). The Linux firmware is part of an archive that also contains TWRP and rooted Android.
You can download the latest archive file at this URL:
* [] (MD5: f6a765389913c790174d05dfdcb031d98e5b2ec60d45627e66828f419fe63199)
Older versions:
* [] (MD5: f6a765389913c790174d05dfdcb031d9)
* [] (MD5: ba7f88924eb4254ac4c2aeb1c59ce6d6)
* [] (MD5: 554e8ec1f1c57b0fc3a6140b1ecad3ea)
Whenever new or updated custom operating systems will be available for the Cosmo, you will be able to download them into a micro SD card and install it in your device.
At the moment we have initial support for the following:
* TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) '''Please use caution when using TWRP as it can brick your device.TWRP support is limited for Cosmo Communicator (you can't access the encrypted user data partition) and its usage is discouraged. Use it at your own risk.'''
* Debian using KDE/Plasma - beta
* Rooted Android
Once you select a custom OS you have to select where to install its boot firmware. Remember that you can install TWRP only on the EMPTY_RECOVERY_BOOT_2 partition, while you can install Debian/KDE and the Rooted android image in either EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_3 or EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_4 partitions.