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Linux for Cosmo

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Linux News
==Linux News==
'''28/04/2021 - The latest Linux Debian firmware v4 is now available!'''
Thanks to the ongoin support from the open source community, today we are glad to release the latest Linux Debian v4 for Cosmo Communicator!
This latest release provides bug fixes and new features:
* Support for Camera is now available
* Improved boot screen and lock  screen
* Support for dual keyboard language layout. If you use a dual keybaord layout, such as Japanese, you can press both shift keys at the same time to cycle between the layouts (i.e. english and japanese).
* New installation program allows you to select your keyboard layout and time zone. The information is then stored in phone settings and retained even after Linux reinstallation.
Please note that altough it's possible to keep using Linux v3, update to v4 using apt is not possible.
'''It's therefore recommended to use the guide below to update to Linux v4.'''
For more information about this release, please see [ here].
'''11/12/2020 - Linux update<br />'''