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Cosmo Communicator Latest News
===Cosmo Communicator Latest News===
* 28/04/2021 - Linux firmware v4 for Cosmo Communicator has been releasereleased!A special thanks goes to Adam Boardman and all the volunteers of our Open Source community. Read more about the latest Linux [[Linux for Cosmo|here]].
* 22/03/2021 - Android firmware v25 has been released! This version includes keyboard firmware improvements, security patches and bug  fixes. If you use the rooted Android Firmware, [[Rooted Android For Cosmo|make sure to update it by following these instructions]].
* 18/11/2020 - Cosmo Linux firmware  v3 has been released with lots of new features, including Cosmo Cover Display support. [[Linux for Cosmo|Read more about it here]]