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Linux for Cosmo

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Linux News
==Linux News==
'''18/11/2020 - The latest Linux Debian firmware v3 is now available!'''
This release contains a Cover Display (CoDi ) implementation for Linux which provides a number of new features, such as:
* mouse control Mouse Control - you can now use the CoDi display as a trackpad when the unit is open* phone control Phone Control - you can browse contact and place/accept calls from the Codi screen while the unit is closed* device control Device Control - you can switch OFF/reboot Cosmo from the CoDi display* contacts Contacts can be updated by the gka-contacts-qt application or directly from the dialer app
Many thanks for <br /> A big thank you to the Cosmo Communicator open source community for supporting Linux on Cosmo Communicator!  [[File:Screenshot_20201118_110844.png|left|422x211px|border]] [[File:Screenshot_20201118_111109.png|right|422x211px|border]]