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Linux for Cosmo

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Linux installation
* Open/Close power save support
==Cosmo Linux installation==If you plan to update your current Linux installation to the latest version, please make sure that you manually install CoDi firmware v15 (see '''Requirement 2 ''' - see below) and [[Manual Update Linux v3|follow this link.]]
The rest of this guide details how to perform a fresh Linux installation.
The first step to install Linux on your Cosmo is to make Before starting the installation, please be sure that you are running the latest Android firmware, currently '''V23(Requirement 1)'''.
====Requirement 1 - Latest Android firmware v23====
====Requirement 2 - Codi firmware v15====
To take advantage of the latest feature features you need to manually install CoDi v15. Flashing this firmware is a relatively quick process, because it does not contain the (big) resource file. However, you should make sure you have the latest v14 CoDi firmware and resources before starting the this update.
Before proceeding, make sure you have updated the CoDi firmware to v14. Once your Codi CoDi is running v14, you can proceed to manually flash version v15. You will need to download the firmware from this location: [http://%20] (save it to the internal memoryinto the root directory) and install it manually using the Cover Display Assistant app on Android.
The flashing process does not need the second resource file but it assumes that the v14 firmware is installed.
Select "Advanced" and then "Flash Image Manually" and then select the<span style="color: #000000;"> Cosmo_firmware-stem_ospi2_mouse15.bin. To update the CoDi firmware click on the "FLASH NOW" button. After flashing, please ignore any over-the-air Cover Display assistant notifications to update firmware as this is a custom build.</span>
====Download and Install Linux firmware v3====